Terms and Conditions




To comply with Government advice, users of the Hall are asked to respect the following guidelines:

  • Maximum of 15 in the Hall at one time
  • All visitors to the Hall to use the hand sanitiser provided
  • Hirers are asked to ensure any facilities (including toilets) are cleaned after use ie tables, chairs, door handles etc. Anti-bacterial spray and paper towels will be provided.
  • Paper towels and soap will be provided in the toilets
  • Regrettably, the kitchen is closed until further notice
  1. The hirer/use must be over 21 years of age and will be responsible for the behaviour, conduct and activities of all those attending in connection with the hire, both in and around the Hall.
  2. All hirers/users of the Hall should carry out their own Risk Assessment and consider whether they need insurance cover for their activities.
  3. The number of people using the Hall is strictly limited to 100. If people are to be seated, there are 70 chairs available.
  4. The hirer/user is responsible for maintaining good order and ensuring that at no time will there be any excessive noise to the annoyance of neighbours, nor any betting, unlawful lottery games, or gaming of any kind. No loud music after 11.00pm.
  5. Health and Safety:

a) There is a First Aid kit in the kitchen area, with an accident book. Hirers should report any accidents to the committee, via the accident book.

b) The hirer must ensure that all members of their group are familiar with the location of the 2 fire exits and the fire extinguishers. You must ensure that the exits are kept unlocked and free of obstruction during the period of hire.  In the event of a fire, your priority should be to evacuate everybody from the building and to summon the emergency services. Only use the fire extinguishers if the fire is small and you are confident in your abilities.  Do NOT use candles or fireworks in the hall.

c) The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all electrical or other equipment brought onto the premises is in good working order and is used in a safe manner.

d) Smoking is not permitted in the hall or immediately outside it.

  1. The Hall is not licensed for the sale of alcohol, and the hirer/user will be responsible for obtaining any special licence in this connection. If you plan to have alcohol at your event (whether for sale or “bring your own”), you, the hirer, are responsible for ensuring that:
  2. No-one under the age of 18 consumes alcohol
  3. Anyone becoming unruly or incapable is removed from the premises
  4. Licensing laws are fully complied with
  5. No damage is caused to local residents or their property.

Failure to comply with these conditions may lead to the immediate cancellation of your event without notice, refund or compensation.

  1. At the end of the letting, the hirer/user must ensure that the Hall and its surroundings are left in a clean condition, that all equipment is put away (stack chairs and put away tables), and that all heating and electrical appliances are switched off. The Hall must then be properly secured and the key returned to the Bookings Secretary.

If the condition of the Hall is not deemed acceptable, the hirer/user will be charged for any additional cleaning required.

  1. Any damage to the property, including windows, or the loss of contents, will be charged to the hirer/user.
  1. The hirer/user must not fix any notices, decorations etc to the walls or ceilings with drawing pins, staples, sellotape, blu-tack or by any other method. The hirer/user may fix any items to the woodwork with blue-tack or drawing pins (but not staples).  The use of aerosol sprays for decorations is prohibited.
  1. The Management Committee takes no responsibility for any accident or injury caused by any such behaviour, conduct or activities.
  1. The Management Committee reserves the right to refuse any application for the hiring of the Hall.

The hirer/user hereby agrees to comply with the above conditions.


Further information:

  • Cost of hire:            Rodmell Residents £8 per hour or £55 all day

Non-Residents £12.00 per hour

  • Hirers will be invoiced by the Village Hall Treasurer, Laurence Thomas
  • £1 and £2 coins are needed for the electricity meter – £1 will last approx. 45 minutes with all the heaters on.  All other electricity is included in the hire fee.  Meter is situated in the room immediately to the left of the kitchen, on the wall facing you as you enter
  • Kitchen details (not available until further notice)


Please keep a copy of these Terms & Conditions for your information, and either complete a contact form or return a copy of this booking form, signed and dated, to:

Bookings Secretary – Rodmell Village Hall

Carolyn Orchard

Tel: 01273470935 Email: cem.orchard@gmail.com


(Please print)

Contact Telephone Number
Organisation or

Reason for use


Upon receipt of this form, an invoice for the hire of the Hall will be issued.