Film Club Summer Season

Summer Season 2018

Following a successful first screening of Grand Budapest Hotel we are launching the Rodmell Village Hall Film Club with a season of films chosen by residents of the village (each of whom has also produced a paragraph about the film). All screenings start at 7.30pm and entry is £3 per person. Refreshments will be on sale in the hall but if you want alcohol you have to bring it yourself or adjourn to the Abergavenny afterwards!


9th June: The Darkest Hour recommended by Sarah Last

An inspiring true story set in May 1940.  Winston Churchill replaced Neville Chamberlain as Prime Minister, and is faced with a monumental decision – he and the British Cabinet must decide whether to continue the fight against Germany or to abandon their campaign against invasion and accept a peace treaty with Nazi Germany .  Churchill must persuade sceptical politicians and royal figures alike to accept his views. Gary Oldman won an Oscar for his fine performance as Churchill.  Alongside Kristin Scott Thomas, who plays Clementine Churchill, the cast includes a host of fine British actors, portraying this pivotal moment in our history.


7th July: Suffragette recommended by Caroline Archer

Suffragette is about women’s suffrage in England.  Beginning in 1912 they risked everything to get the vote – being sacked from their jobs, locked up in prison, force fed, separated from their children. The film charts the lives and actions of several women, including Emily Davidson and Emmeline Pankhurst. It stars Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter, Brendan Gleeson, Anne-Marie Duff, Ben Whishaw, and Meryl Streep. At the 2015 the BFI London Film Festival, the LFF Director Clare Stewart said Sarah Gavron’s work was an “urgent and compelling film, made by British women, about British women who changed the course of history”.


4th August: While We’re Young recommended by Angus Walker

A touching comedy about a middle-aged couple clinging onto their youth by befriending a dazzlingly seductive twenty-something couple. Described by Ben Bradshaw as “excruciatingly pleasurable” and “unbearably sad if it weren’t so funny” it certainly captured something of my generation’s desperation to stay hip and relevant in the face of the march of time. It also made me laugh out loud in places, which is always a good thing. Starring Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts and written and directed by Noah Baumbach.


8th September: The Constant Gardener recommended by Jill Goldman

Based on John le Carré’s 2001 novel, this gripping and romantic thriller leaves us in no doubt of the author’s feelings about multinational companies. Tessa (Rachel Weisz), a political activist and the wife of a British diplomat and horticulturist (Ralph Fiennes) is murdered in Kenya because of her investigation into pharmaceutical experiments on Africans. We see the diplomat trying to track down those responsible for her murder which leads him to discover the intrigues and malpractice that his wife was trying to expose.


5th October: The Square recommended by Jane Finch

I have recommended this film as I think it’s a fascinating, shocking, hilarious, and uncomfortable mirror into the society we live in. To put it simply, The Square follows a modern art museum curator named Christian (played by Class Bang) and some increasingly strange experiences which shape his views and understandings of the world he lives in and the people around him. As I personally think there is a lot of old nonsense talked about in the art world, and being a would-be artist myself, I find this fascinating. Hope you enjoy it.


26th October: Your choice!

Just send your name, the title of the film and a short paragraph to and we will choose something appropriate to round off the season.